By Lisa Wronski

Although it seems like taking people’s love of small, cute animals and manipulating it for advertisement seems like a smart idea, Quiznos seems to have missed the mark with their commercials released in August titled “Singimals.” Quiznos decided that the best way to promote their five dollar large deli subs, five dollar Choose 2, four dollar toasty torpedoes, and three dollar toasty bullets was to create commercials with cats, dogs, and squirrels singing a jingle.

All three of the videos feature the animals singing the jingle “5-4-3.” The 5-4-3 is a good tagline that will stick in viewers’ minds, but the actual deal is too complicated to truly remember. In the end, it is the actual sale and deal that must be remembered by the viewer in order for them to go out to Quiznos and order it. Therefore, the ad fails in that area.

Another area that these commercials seem to flop in is the audio. Music, background noises, and tone of voice are all very important factors in television commercials. These can truly determine if viewers will remember the commercial or not. For example, Purina’s Meow Mix commercial had an addicting jingle and was a huge hit although the high-pitched meows became somewhat annoying after some time. Quizno’s Singimals used cats with squeaky voices, but definitely took it to an extremely annoying level. The cats’ scratchy voices created a horrible song when combined with the horrible mixture of choppy instruments. Although viewers will most likely remember this song, it will not be in a good way. Quiznos will now be associated with clanging instruments and ear-piercing cats, which is not an ideal image for a sandwich company.

Finally, the visual aspects in Singimals were sub-par as well. Not only were they very choppy and hard on the eyes, the colors chosen do not work with each other at all.  Although they may have been for a grander effect, it really just creates a big eyesore. One thing that was a plus for Quiznos was when they tried to get the viewers more involved in their commercials. They set up a webpage where viewers could submit their own commercials using their own pets instead of the animals that Quiznos chose. Despite the great goal in mind for trying to connect with their customers, this campaign seems to have fallen apart.

It is kind of strange that Quiznos created these commercials because they did almost the exact same thing almost four years ago. The singing cats, dogs, and squirrels in Singimals are eerily reminiscent of the Quizno’s commercials back from 2006. The main stars of those? Singing rats.

Quiznos seems to believe that singing animals will lure in customers to their deals, however this appears to be strongly false seeing as Adweek listed it as one of the worst commercials of 2010. They are also receiving a lot of criticism from the general public. One woman even videotaped her baby crying with the commercial came on, and this video is now available for the public to view on Youtube. It is rightfully titled “Baby cries when she hears Quiznos 543 song.” Rats, singing house pets…what is next? Zoo animals? Maybe Quiznos should leave the animal promotion to PETA and focus on a different method to connect with customers…Just food for thought.


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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