By Catherine Ruschak

As soon as we all breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate the end of finals, Hollywood prepares for the very intense awards season, culminating with the Academy Awards ceremony that will be hosted on February 27. The nominees will be named on January 25, which means major Hollywood players are beginning to campaign for the coveted spots.

One campaign to look out for is Toy Story 3’s bid for Best Picture. Reps for the film say they are looking to make history; an animated film has never won the biggest award in cinema. It’s clear that Toy Story 3 can easily win the Best Animated Picture category, but why stop there? To reach the goal of Best Picture, the folks working for Toy Story 3 have come up with an Oscars campaign that is sure to make headline news throughout the advertising world.

The theme of the campaign is quite obviously the Oscars, so what people will see between now and February are the beloved Toy Story characters recreating Oscar-winning moments in various print ads, including movies such as Forrest GumpWest Side Story, and Titanic (uh, anyone else picturing Buzz and Jessie in frozen water?). Two ads have already been released, parodying the films Lord of the Rings: Return of the King andShakespeare in Love.

Execs at Disney are clearly going no-holds-barred on this, so it will surely be one of the most talked about campaigns on 2011.


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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