By: Brett Tucker

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the most effective and sought after opportunities for advertising every year.  It is one of the only times where people actually sit down and watch commercials. Therefore, it can be very difficult and incredibly expensive to obtain air space.  However, sometimes not getting a commercial in the Super Bowl is just as effective as having one.

A website entitled, which sells satirical anti-Obama memorabilia from t-shirts to bobbleheads, recently had their Super Bowl commercial rejected by the FOX network.  The creator of the website, Richard Belfry, isn’t worried.  The ad, which features a Jesus bobblehead knocking an Obama bobblehead off a desk, was posted on Youtube shortly after the FOX rejection.  According to an article in, an associate of Belfry’s then promptly sent the video, along with the news of Fox banning the ad, to over 40 reporters and bloggers, who spread the story throughout the media. The video received over 300,000 views in just four days—which isn’t bad, considering it only cost $15,000 as opposed to the $2.3 million they would have paid for the one pregame Super Bowl slot that they originally wanted.

This isn’t the first time a corporation used a rejected Super Bowl ad to their advantage.  In 2005, had one of two Super Bowl ads pulled. GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons was able to hype the unaired commercial into generating over 2,700 news articles and blog posts.

Two years ago, NBC rejected a commercial from an infidelity dating site, The commercial was posted on Youtube, where it received over 400,000 hits, and spurred reaction from media greats such as Larry King.

Belfry isn’t worried about his commercial getting bumped from the Super Bowl.  He got the next best thing: people noticing that his commercial got bumped from the Super Bowl.


Written by Ad Buzz

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