By: Kristen Manias

After the 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan last week, thousands of people have been left without homes. Survivors are lucky to be alive as the death toll could reach up to 10,000, but they are still lacking adequate supplies of food, water, and housing as the clean up continues. Many organizations and agencies are doing their part to raise money for Japan during this devastating time. Here is what some companies are doing to help out:

Art Director Max Erdenberger from Weiden + Kennedy Portland designed a poster to help raise funds for disaster victims in Japan. The 26” x 40” screen print is available for purchase online for $25. W + K’s Tokyo office is still deciding which non-profit organization the proceeds will be going to.

The Red Cross is continuing its relief efforts with the same text messaging system it used after Haiti last year. By texting keyword REDCROSS to short code 90999, $10 will be donated to the cause. A Red Cross spokeswoman said that they decided to use the same short cut as Haiti because the public was already familiar with the number. Over $32 million was raised for Haiti through the Red Cross text messaging system, and as of 4 p.m. Sunday, $1.2 million has been donated for relief in Japan.

Other companies donating to the Red Cross efforts are Kraft ($200,000), Apple which has created a page in iTunes where you can donate between $5 and $200 to the Red Cross, the New York Yankees ($100,000), and Proctor & Gamble who committed to donating up to $1.2 million made up of monetary and product donations.

Coca-Cola has committed to donating $7.3 million in monetary and product donations. A major part of their contribution is in providing over 7 million beverages for the victims in Japan. McDonald’s Corp is donating $2 million for the relief effort. Japanese companies Sony and Nintendo have both committed to donate $3.6 million each to the relief effort. Sony is donating by matching whatever its employees are able to donate. They are also donating 30,000 radios to help earthquake survivors.

There are many organizations stepping up to help the victims in Japan, and whether it is for the good publicity or because they really want help, everyone can do their part. Whether it be texting or finding a philanthropic organization online, giving is easy, especially when people are in need!


Written by Ad Buzz

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