By: Kyle Blaze

Last week, Campaigns writer Theresa posed the question: “What will the world offer Japan?” While there has not been the same level of support as Haiti in 2010, so far, the support has been terrific.  For the days following the earthquake and tsunami, there was nonstop news coverage of the event, and for the past few weeks there have been links to Red Cross donation sites on many popular websites.

However, Japan has not received near the attention, or donations, that Haiti received last year.  There have been no versions of “We Are the World”, and very few celebrities, vocally offering their support, monetary or otherwise.  I have yet to see one T-shirt urging me to help aid Japan in their time of crisis.

There are a few possibilities for this discrepancy.  Haiti is much closer to America than Japan is so it hit a lot closer to home when tragedy struck there. Also, Japan is also a wealthier country than Haiti; therefore, people may assume that Japan might have a easier time rebuilding on their own than a small poverty-stricken island in the Caribbean.

It would have been a great thing to see equally high levels of support in both countries, but it’s nice to see how many generous people we have in the country and around the world.  Who knows, maybe as the days and weeks go by we will see more campaigns to aid in the relief effort.  Whatever is accomplished, be it on public access or during a prime time sporting event, will be a fantastic gesture of support for Japan in the time when it needs it most.


Written by Ad Buzz

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