By: Rebecca Pierce

Technology is progressing rapidly. Whether that rapid progression is viewed as good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. Recently HD (high definition) television has exploded into the technological market. Merriam-Webster defines high definition as, “being or relating to an often digital television system that has twice as many scan lines per frame as a conventional system, a proportionally sharper image, and a wide-screen format.”

In plain terms, and to the general public, HDTV means clearer, more detailed, and often more beautiful images that leave the viewer with the feeling that they are almost experiencing the scene they are seeing on TV.

While this advance in technology is beneficial to cinematography and photography, it is also a detriment. With sharper quality images comes the ability to see the smallest imperfections. For television and fashion photography specifically, HDTV and HD photography pose a challenge because the ability to make beautiful people look godlike is significantly harder when things like freckles and pimples are more defined. The solution to this problem is found in retouching.

On-screen stars and fashion models can thankfully continue to look flawless due to digital retouching where computer programs can edit out, erase, and alter imperfections to make people appear perfect looking. Retouching is now commonplace when presenting images to the public and is used so frequently that there is concern among the public that retouching distorts beauty perception and creates unattainable and unhealthy images of what is “natural” and “beautiful.”

In a world of retouching, the new campaign for Make Up For Ever cosmetics says no. The Professional Paris brand developed a line called HD High Definition by combining the talents of Make Up For Ever makeup artists, a French chemist, and group of high definition engineers. The HD product line’s aim is to be makeup invisible to high definition cameras, making the makeup wearer’s skin look flawless, natural, and beautiful.

For the first time ever, a makeup line launched a campaign where their print and video advertisements were not retouched to prove the wearer of the makeup can look naturally gorgeous without the help of digital retouching and to also prove that consumers buying the makeup could achieve the same perfect look.

Along with print advertisements, the HD line has an online HDTV video, that features four models with Make Up For Ever HD makeup on looking gorgeous intermixed with other people and objects that have been digitally retouched.

The website challenges viewers of the video to pick out the objects and people that were retouched. The site aims for viewers to be tricked into clicking on the four models that were not retouched to prove Make Up For Ever’s HD line can really make the wearer look perfect. The Make Up For Ever HD line is sold at Sephora.


Written by Ad Buzz

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