By Zack Chan


Cover letters–most of us hate writing them, especially when applying for multiple jobs that require different skills. I remember the first time I wrote a cover letter. It was a homework assignment for my English class back in high school. I remember thinking to myself, “Why am I writing this? Who actually reads a cover letter?”

So why write a cover letter? It’s a chance for you to sell yourself, and it shows that you are interested enough in the job to put in the time to write the cover letter.

The truth is, employers and recruiting directors spend as little as 15 seconds on a resume, and the cover letter is just a lengthened version in paragraph form. How do we overcome the lack of interest in a jaded recruiting director sorting through a stack of resumes and cover letters?

Creativity. This is the advertising industry. For those of us who have been ad majors for awhile, we have had the concept of creativity drilled into our heads.

When I write a cover letter, I follow a certain standardized format. In the first paragraph, I tell the employer how I heard of the position; the second paragraph, why I want the job; third paragraph, how I’m qualified for the job; fourth paragraph, how the employer can contact me and thanking him/her for his/her time.

Deviation from this commonly used format can catch the attention of the employer. The cover letter still contains the same elements but presents them in a different way. Let your personality shine through.

For more information and a sample of a creative cover letter, go to:


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