By: Joe Evertz

Film studios, such as Warner Bros., Miramax, and Paramount, have begun to offer consumers films directly from social networking websites, most notably Facebook, that will allow them to stream the film through applications. More applications capable of allowing consumers to view films offered directly by their distributors are becoming available as more consumers spend time online and form an active community in their social network.  Film studios have introduced applications integrated within the social networking website that allow consumers to rent films for a specific cost and time limit. While this marketing strategy is still in development, it is apparent that the level of competition in the online film distribution market has increased, and with it, many companies’ desires to rise to the top of the new market.

The trend for film studios to offer films through social networking websites has given f-commerce application developers the opportunity to benefit by offering added value to consumers.  App developers can create social features that allow consumers to comment on and share content from the film they are viewing.  In addition, the social features incorporated within the application allow for film studios to build a valuable demographic profile of consumers who are renting their films.

As consumers continue to increase their time and attention to the digital landscape, film studios recognize value in offering content that adds to the consumer’s social experience online.  The integration of applications in social networking websites that offer film rentals can lead to more effective strategies for film studios’ future film releases and increase the number of visitors to certain social networking websites as a result of attracting various film fan bases. It will be interesting to see this new market emerge.



Written by Ad Buzz

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