By: Ashley Nordman

With the Air Transport Association of America expecting over 43.6 million people to travel on U.S. carriers this holiday season, airports will consist of longer security lines, delayed flights, and tons of gift-filled luggage. Although this may seem like a nightmare, smartphone applications can ease the chaos of this year’s holiday travel. So while you are double-checking that you have all of your essentials before you head to the airport, make sure you take a moment to download a few of these apps to help you navigate.

Traffic and ParkiNG

Google Maps (Free)

This app offers driving directions and information about current road conditions and the intensity of traffic.

SmartPark JFK (Free)

To avoid circling the lot for a parking spot and wasting time, use this app to reserve a parking spot.

Take Me To My Car (Free)

Need help remembering where you parked your car? This app comes in handy when you need to locate your vehicle among the hundreds of others in the lot.

Flight Information

FlightTrack ($4.99)

This app conveniently allows you to plug in your flight number to learn about the flight’s status, gate and aircraft type.


FlightCaster ($1.99)

Using real-time data from FlightStats, this app aims to predict the likelihood of a flight delay up to 6 hours before notification from the airline.

Next Flight ($2.99)

Want to be prepared in case your flight gets canceled or over-booked? This app lists all available nonstop flights from over a thousand different carriers for the current and following day.

Airport Navigation

GateGuru (Free)

This app will help you navigate through over 100 airports in the U.S. so you can find food, restrooms, or bookstores.


MyTSA (Free)

Developed by the Transportation Security Administration, this app provides answers to the most commonly asked security questions. It even tells you which checkpoints are backed up and what items you can or cannot bring on the plane.


Written by Ad Buzz

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