By Rachel Holmes

Do your parents still sing Kermit the Frog’s rendition of “Rainbow Connection” in the car? Are you fairly certain there is a Sesame Street toy stuffed in the back corner of your closet? Or have you simply forgot about the American icons that started with Jim Henson and a green amphibian?

No matter if you were a Muppet fanatic or only your parents were, the Muppets are making a comeback – in a very, very big way. “The Muppet Movie” hit theatres November 23, raking in more than $29.5 million in the box office during the first weekend it was out.

But as the Muppets teamed together in the quest to save their theatre on screen, the furry felt brand of characters also teamed with various commercial companies in the quest to save their image. The Muppets worked with various companies to create products for the holidays and to sell more than just movie stubs and popcorn.

The Advertising Industry is not immune to the iconic power that the Muppets have on people. Kermit the Frog has made appearances in many mainstream commercials, including advertisements for companies like Target and Wonderful Pistachios, and has sold-out Muppet paraphernalia on online stores including old-school books and posters from the classic movies that came out decades ago.


Wonderful Pistachios:

But the team isn’t just working with other companies. The Muppets have their own brand regulated by Disney. With new products in stores, the furry felt characters are taking over the holiday season by supplying consumers both young and old with potential presents plastered with the Muppet characters.

For instance, you could buy the new, 2011 Muppets Movie soundtrack for your sister or a more traditional album that features classic Muppet songs from the 1980s for your mother. If you are shopping for a teenage girl, you could get her a t-shirt with Fozzie’s face on the front or a pair of Animal pajama pants.

Other holiday gift ideas include plush toys of the characters, clothing for boys, girls and teens, hand crafted figurines of the characters, cell phone apps, customized Adidas tennis shoes, ear buds and headphones, and a line of Miss Piggy inspired lip gloss, nail polish, pink glitter pumps, and designer jewelry.

The new Muppet movie and product lines are the perfect combination for advertisers and merchandisers for the holiday season. The Muppets have made it clear that they are back in a big way. They are back on the big screen, back on the shelves, and they will soon be wrapped up nicely, and back, fully integrated, with our lives.


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The Green Album Picture:

The Muppets’ Soundtrack:

Miss Piggy Nail Polish:


Written by Ad Buzz

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