By Joey Pribyl-Shay

We have all experienced them, seen them, heard them.  Some pass by without leaving any impact, while others exude such outlandish charisma that they stick with you forever.  Local business commercials are some of the most polarizing advertisements in our society.

Most local businesses do not have the means to afford the most sophisticated advertising.  They have limited resources to reach their audience.  In order to stand out, local businesses must rely on their character and originality.  For instance, Chicago’s Peter Francis Geraci uses his unique voice to lull viewers into listening to his every word.  The vocal delivery of Mr. Geraci, or PFG as he is referred to on his Facebook page, is synonymous with monotony.  His pitch stays constant throughout his thirty-second segment and is mocked by suburbanites everywhere.  For as much ridicule as he receives, he is the most famous, or infamous, bankruptcy attorney in the Chicago suburbs.  One of the main purposes of advertising is to expose your brand to the masses.  Mr. Geraci’s dull voice does not only deliver a message about buying info tapes on bankruptcy, but also delivers one of the most memorable celebrities of local business commercials.

Local business commercials are being glorified more than ever now. Commercial Kings’ Rhett and Link travel across America searching for small businesses in need of creative commercials.   One of their commercials, featured below, is for a presidential themed car wash.  It has all the key ingredients for an excellent ad: it’s memorable and unique, it identifies the product, and there are people rapping about presidents and car washes.  Rhett and Link don’t allow their commercials to blend in with everything else on TV.  The Commercial Kings utilize each business’s distinctive attributes and allows them to shine.

In a few weeks, the most important showcase of commercials will be shown during the Super Bowl.  Viewers will be blitzed with the glam and glitz of expensive advertising.  However, they will lack the authenticity and genuine connection that small business commercials have.  Fortunately we will have the rest of the year to enjoy our simple and candid local commercials, such as Will Ferrell’s endorsement for Old Milwaukee.


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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