By Catie Ruschak


Barbara Pachter, étiquette expert, blogs about various topics, including tips on social etiquette and advice for the professional world. Pachter’s latest entry, found here, is on the subject of business cards.

It’s clear that social media has taken over the Internet, and it is now entering the workplace. Sites such as Linked-In were made with the intent of networking for career advancement, and more employers are looking at potential employees’ Facebook and Twitter account to find out exactly who they might be hiring. Changing your Facebook name or making your profile private may not be the best way to combat this. Cleaning your social media of drunk, lewd, or otherwise inappropriate content is your best bet.

One trend social media is bringing to the table involves a more traditional networking tool- the business card. Pachter offers the following suggestions for adding your social media web addresses to your business card, noting it can be a very good idea if done correctly.

  • Make sure all necessary information is included. Do not forego important things such as your name, email, phone number, or company information to make room for social media addresses. The basics should still be included.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary information. Pachter notes that today, things like fax numbers are less relevant and can be omitted from a business cards. She also suggests only including a photograph in certain situations, such as business cards for those in public speaking.
  • Not all social media addresses are necessary. If you only use your Facebook to keep in touch with close friends and family, it should not be included on your business card. If you use it for networking, feel free. LinkedIn would be a good addition for a business card.
  • Utilize the back of the card. The most important information should be on the front of the card. Additional information, such as a list of social media addresses or a QR code that brings SmartPhone users to these sites, should be placed on the back.


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