By Eunice Lee

In order to graduate or to get that dream job, it is now an obligation to work even harder and longer. The idea of procrastination might have been convenient before, but with job fairs, career nights, company recruitments, and internship applications creeping up so soon, a job-less summer looks a lot more intimidating than it sounds. Now is the time to buckle down and face reality for the first time after the fastest two years of college life.

Although most jobs all around the world prefer someone who has a college degree, more importantly, they look for experience. Bo Bennett, the author of Year to Success, claims that “Experience, or the active participation in events or activities leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill, is the ultimate teacher.” Experience is a very effective method of bringing one closer to perfection. Therefore, seeking experience is essential in the process of building character.

Any one job or career can consist of several or even hundreds of skill sets. Gettingan internship is just one way of expanding your experience. Businesses are often willing to train people in exchange for labor. Though money is a plus, the “paid” or “non-paid” positions should be the last concern; after all, internships are solely to train and prepare.

Volunteer positions are also an outlet to gain experience. There are many non-profit organizations in your community that could use help.  Not only is this ensuring personal gratification, but also helping a charitable cause through the process.

Internships can be found everywhere. From U of I’s very own RSO’s, to websites on the Internet, all types of organizations provide internships and are easily accessible for almost anyone to apply. A couple internships can be found through each College or Department in each major. The Career Center’s website also provides regional and national internships that are available to all university students. Utilize each of the internship websites below, and experience the success of career building starting now.



Written by Ad Buzz

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