By: Ashley Nordman

Pinterest, a visual bulletin board for the Web, has women hooked. This site was built to show simple images of inspirational ideas for the home. A user can “pin” images, which are then categorized on a page, creating a board of the user’s personal interests.

Recently becoming one of the Web’s Top 10 social networks, Pinterest has emerged as a preference-based site with inviting visuals and intelligent content for many. To help you understand the basics of this new social network, here are a few things to know about Pinterest:

Understanding The Terms

Pin: An image added to Pinterest that usually includes a caption. You can find an image from a website or you can upload an image from your own computer.

Repin: Once an image has been pinned, it can then be repinned by other Pinterest users. This helps to share images with friends, which can cause content to go viral.

Board: After pinning an image, it goes there to stay. However, you can have separate boards, which is the key to keeping your images organized.

How To Get An Account

New users can only make an account with Pinterest if friends invite them. However, users are free to request an invitation at as well.

How To Follow

Like Facebook and Twitter, this social network allows to you build a list of users to follow.  Once following someone, you can freely view the user’s images and boards. The users you follow can also work together with you to contribute to your own boards.

One last thing: be careful with Pinterest.  You deserve fair warning that the site is filled with (almost) literally endless images and creative ideas (more are being added every second!) This social networking site can quickly consume hours of your day.


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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