By Catie Ruschak

There are several career fairs and networking events on the horizon this semester, some sponsored by the university and some sponsored by AAF. However, no two events are the same, so here’s what to expect from each of them in the upcoming months.

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Chicago Advertising Federation Career Day February 24, 8am-4pm

Held at the Renaissance Hotel Chicago, the CAF Career Day offers a unique experience and inside look into how recruiting works in the Advertising industry.

What to Expect

The registration fee ($65 for those who signed up early, $75 now), includes breakfast and networking lunch, a keynote speaker, and a networking experience with the events’ sponsors. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of breakout sessions, with panels discussing topics such as resume building, hiring secrets, and how different sectors of the industry, such as public relations or account management, work. Visit the CAF website to sign up.


AdVasion and College of Media Student/Alumni Interface March 8, time TBA

AdVasion is exclusive to AAF Illinois members, and the Interface is open to everyone in the College of Media.

What to Expect

For a low cost of $30, AAF students get a full day in Chicago and a networking event like no other. AdVasion is the best way to tour agencies and speak to industry professionals in a relaxed setting. Students will be able to preference their choices of agency style by size and type, and each participant will go on two agency tours. Each tour will be organized differently, but most will feature a Q&A question with agency representatives- recent U of I graduates, if possible.

Later in the evening, many of those graduates and then some will congregate for Interface. A yearly event hosted by the College of Media, Interface provides incredible networking opportunity. The ratio of alumni to current students is often 2 to 1 if not better, so everyone has a chance to make some professional contacts. Food and drinks will be provided. To sign up for AdVasion and Interface, keep an eye out for the AAF emails regarding the event.


Mosaic Career Fair March 22, time TBA

Leo Burnett and Mosaic will take over the DePaul Student Center for a day of recruiting.

What to Expect

Members of an active AAF chapter attend for free! This is a traditional career fair, advertising style. A variety of agencies will be present and recruiting for full-time and internship opportunities. Business Professional dress is recommended, and don’t forget to bring your polished resume- be sure to print out plenty of copies! Sign up here.


All Campus Career Fair April 4, 1-5pm

Over 100 companies will be recruiting from every college and major.

What to Expect

The ARC is going to be more crowded on April 4, and not because of a sudden surge of interest in fitness. Free for all U of I students, the All Campus Career Fair offers something for everyone. Students can research companies ahead of time and view job postings on I-Link.


Research Park Career Fair April 10, 4:30-6:30

Take the trip out to Research Park for the last university-sponsored career fair of the year.

What to Expect

The Research Park Career Fair features companies who call Champaign home, so for students looking for a summer in the 217, this could be the perfect opportunity. As with the All-Campus Career Fair, students are encouraged to research participating companies beforehand, as they will be posted on I-Link.



Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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