By: Clara Lagattuta

Although most people would look at the Super Bowl XLVI as one of the biggest weekends in advertising, there was a whole other target market holding out for the night of February 12, 2012. That night was better known as the Grammys. Although the Super Bowl is now known for its amazing commercials, the Grammys are targeting a different crowd. The time and effort that goes into this one night is not only to advertise the sponsors, stylists, and designers but more importantly the starts themselves.

When people look back at the special night many names rush to mind, Adele, Whitney Houston, Armani, Zuhair Murad, and Versace. These names were repeated hundreds of times throughout the night and for days to follow. The world could not seem to get enough of them.

Adele stole the night winning a total of six Grammys. Her instant success got the world talking about her voice, her talent and her dress. Although her awards are what the event was about, it is was her dress that kept people talking. The Armani dress that Adel wore was nominated by many for one of the night’s best dressed. This dress did more for Armani than months of magazines ads would have. This dress was plastered all over every news and entertainment channel as well as centered in most magazines. This advertisement cannot be bought the way a normal magazine ad would. This advertisement isn’t something people skip over when reading, this is what they buy the magazine for.

Armani had an all around amazing night; in the world of advertising Armani performed better than even Adele. She was awarded for her amazing songs that have already publicized and promoted, but the dress she wore was new and garnered attention. Rihanna is another amazing story in the world of advertising. She was nominated for many awards that night, but went home with nothing. That did not change the amount of attention she got not only for how well she did this year with her music, but for how good she looked. What is amazing about this story is that Rihanna and her Armani dress walked with more publicity than even Adele’s regardless of the amount of awards won by Adele.

The Grammys were once a night that was dedicated to music but now transformed into a full blown advertisement frenzy. Everything from the performers to the gift bags given away at the end are all done in the hopes of promoting a product. Artists promote themselves with their music being their product; designers such as Armani work with artists in a symbiotic promotion. The better an artist like Rihanna looks and has performed in the industry, the more they will be featured in magazines and on websites. Although this night will remembered by some as the night Adele made history, others will simply see it as the night Armani won the red carpet.



Written by Ad Buzz

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