By Clara Lagattuta

The song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen has officially become seventh on iTunes’ top ten singles downloaded chart. But who was Carly Rae Jepsen just three short weeks ago? She definitely wasn’t the “pop star” she has become today.

Although in the summer of 2007 she received third place in Canadian Idol, she never made it big outside of Canada. How did three weeks make such a difference? It wasn’t her music that changed, it was her listeners. About three weeks ago, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Alfredo Flores, Samantha Droke, and the guys from Big Time Rush all decided to get together and make a little video to the song “Call Me Maybe”. According to multiple sources it was Carlos Pena (singer and actor in the band/show Big Time Rush) that came up with the brilliant idea of making the video.

The group got together one night and started recording. The teens claim to have done it as just a fun way to spend a night. Their fun night has now resulted in a viral video with over 21 million hits! The publicity that Carly received from this video is bigger than any commercial or print ad could ever provide. The 18.3 million followers on Justin Bieber twitter, along with the 10.8 million on Selena Gomez’s all instantly discovered the video. Word of mouth did wonders for Jepsen’s song as well. The media coverage that is constantly following these young stars was instantly shared with Carly.

The unofficial endorsement that Carly has received from the stars has been more than enough to put her and her song on the map. This video is taking over not only YouTube, but now Facebook and twitter.

We just met her… and this is crazy… but here’s her song, so listen maybe?




Written by Ad Buzz

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One comment

  1. Wow the power of celebrity recognition is almost too big to measure. This reminds me of the Oprah “book club”; after Oprah would read and review any book the author would instantly become a well-respected author in literary circles. Just like the lyrics “this is crazy”, so are the chances of Justin Bieber having fun with your song! .

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