By: Ashley Nordman

Aside from the distractions that smart phones offer, such as unlimited access to social networking sites, games, and music, these devices also offer apps to help transform the process of studying and learning for college students.

My personal favorites include:

gFlashPro (FREE)

Forget wasting your time writing out 250 flash cards. With gFlashPro, you can create flash cards in a matter of minutes. This app allows you to use Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel to create decks of cards that can include anything from YouTube clips to recorded lectures. You can share and download these flashcards on the app’s directory, which allows you and your friends to use these cards anywhere.

Grades 2 (FREE)

This sophisticated grade-calculating tool comes in handy whenever you are worried about that GPA you need to maintain. Students can also gauge what grades they will need on future exams to achieve the grade they desire, and it keeps track of overall GPA, weighted by the number of credits each class is worth.

Snoozerr Recordings ($0.99)

This app is great for long lectures that you are bound to take a nap in. It records audio and pairs the recording with time-labeled pictures the student takes during presentations, equations on the blackboard, or of notes. The pictures serve as a visual guide while reviewing the recordings!






WunderList (Free)

This task-managing app is the best out there. And the best part? It’s free! Students can create tasks, to-do lists, keep notes of homework assignments and due dates for projects, and the app organizes this all into different ‘pending’ lists. Once you complete an item on a list, it moves to a ‘completed tasks’ list. This app syncs to the Cloud so you can view it on other Web interfaces.

Graphing Calculator ($0.99)

Always seem to forget to bring your calculator to stats class? This calculator app for your Smartphone can change all that. It includes an expanded scientific calculator, the ability to graph multiple equations, and even the ease of e-mailing the results. This is a cheap and convenient solution for students on any college campus.


Pictures: Courtesy of Google


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