By Clara Lagattuta

Never will we forget the way Rose held on to Jack or the way Jack lifted Rose up at the front of the boat. Those images will forever be saved in our hearts as the ideal star crossed lovers but now a new and improved version is being offered. James Cameron the Writer-Director spent $18 million on making the Titanic 3D, but has no nerves about his investment. They are no longer promoting a movie, but have now taken it to the next level and made the film an experience.

In May of 2011 they announced the planned re-release of the Titanic. Since then the buzz has been building. They have slowly been reintroducing people to the story they love. They started with a simple media buzz and relied heavily on the press surrounding the now well matured and respected cast and crew to support the idea and get the word out.

As the event got closer the advertising for this event got put into full motion. Because 3D movie events such as this only stay in theaters for a month maximum they had to be sure that everyone was reminded of their love for the film. Instead of trying to create a new idea or theme for a campaign they just altered the exact same notion that had been used in the past. The promotions and publicity that went on behind this has made people feel a personal obligation to go see this film. To get the most possible customers they did not limit their target market. Through advertisement they have attached the Titanic with the feeling of being young and hopelessly in love again. Other commercials and billboards target a younger market and develop the idea of a second chance, for all those girls who were too young to experience Titanic in the theaters. The promotions behind this film do a great job combining generations and reaching both targets. Both groups have a strong emotional attachment to the characters that is clearly identified in the previews.

All the different commercials have one thing exactly the same; they all include the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, or as it has become known as on YouTube the Titanic Theme Song.  When the first note of this song is heard everyone’s mind instantly goes to the Titanic, the song in its self is the best form of advertisement available. Now only four days away the song has been all over different radio stations as a common request from listeners, all claiming they can’t get the song out of their heads. People can’t wait to see the movie they have watched a million times and pay $14 for it because of the advertising that has been done. People are now counting down the days till they can laugh, love, and cry with Rose and Jack once again. “We will never let go, I promise”

You can by your tickets now at\,r:12,s:40&tx=81&ty=67


Written by Ad Buzz

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