By: Sari Feingold

After an eventful Saturday morning of mingling with College of Media peers, learning from lectures, and networking with advertising professionals, Digital Bootcamp students were given two options during lunch: begin distributing their resumes to recruiters, or first attend an optional lecture on Digital Expansion. The optional “talk” from Brendan Fitzpatrick, Associate User Experience Planner at DraftFCB, was exceptional.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get someone to do what you want, Brendan’s presentation contained all the answers. In an engaging, insightful, and entertaining lecture aimed at students of all tracks (Advertising, Design, and Journalism), Brendan exposed attendees to DraftFCB’s “8 Ways to Change Behavior.” The following list contains the secret recipe, as well as examples Brendan used to illustrate each tactic.

  1. Make It Vivid. Walker’s Chips—“any sandwich is more exciting with Walkers”


  1. Make It a Threat—401 k: can identifying with your future self get you to save for retirement?


  1. Make the Benefit or Gain Immediate—Walgreens’ I got the flu shot sticker
  2. Make It Comparable—Chrome Speed Test (the Internet vs. potato, sound wave and lightning strike)


  1. Make It about People Like Me or Nothing Like Me—“your Mom hates Dead Space 2 Video Game” commercial gets rebel-youngsters to want the game


  1. Make It Scarce—McDonald’s McRib is on the market for limited time; De Beers positioned diamonds as a scarcity in order to increase sales
  2. Make the First Step Simple—iMac commercial: 3 Easy Steps; “there’s no step 3!”


  1. Make It a Mission—Coffee Punch Cards, LinkedIn Profile percentage update; people are more likely to finish something once they’ve started!

After students learned the tricks of the trade, Brendan showed everyone a DraftFCB recruitment video, which kept the energy pumping and left people smiling. From the video, students gathered that DraftFCB is a desirable working environment for anybody with passion for people and around-the-clock creativity. It is, “the right space, filled with the right people,” a place where art meets science, and where, “good ideas become transformable.” Brendan’s lunch-talk was time well spent, and a great precursor to networking.


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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