By Marty Malone

On Wednesday, April 18 from 7 to 9 p.m., the Professional Development Committee of AAF will be hosting their annual spring Etiquette Dinner. 

For those of you that are searching for jobs/internships, or for those of you that already have one lined up—this Etiquette Dinner IS A MUST!  A full course meal will be served, and during each segment of the meal our speaker will explain proper dining etiquette.

This dinner will be more than just “what side of the plate the fork goes on.” You’ll learn proper dinner and lunch etiquette, which you will definitely take advantage of in an upcoming interview, or this summer with your new bosses.  Price is TBD, but it is likely to be around $15.  The food alone is worth $22.95, so receiving an etiquette lesson in addition is a great deal!

Again, this isn’t about learning ancient, old school etiquette from the likes of Victorian England, it’s all about simple tips that we could use when going to lunch with our boss or fellow employees.  Our instructor knows who we are, and is giving us relevant advice.  If you want to build your personal brand by learning how to hold your own and impress someone at a lunch/dinner outing, you should definitely attend!

I attended AdVasion last month and my group went to Killian Branding, where we heard a GREAT talk on how to build your personal brand.  I think in addition to obviously having a great online presence (a portfolio, a relevant blog, an informative, interesting Twitter feed, etc.), I’d argue a face to face presence is more important.

A great online presence may score you that interview, but remember, other people will be there interviewing for the same position!  Be polite, know proper manners and etiquette, and make an amazing impression!  

The Professional Development Committee’s job is to give you all the tools necessary to help you in the professional world.  My advice: take advantage!! 

If you would like to attend or if you have any questions, please email the Professional Development Committee at


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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