By: Joe Evertz

With rapid developments and changes in technology usage and consumer behavior, technology start-ups are beginning to ask whether establishing themselves on the Internet prior to mobile devices is necessary. Companies, such as Instagram and Foursquare, demonstrate that applications are beginning to replace the need to establish an online presence when consumers utilize their smartphones in all environments and for multiple tasks.  This shift in the technology industry and in consumer behavior is requiring marketers to look at the market and develop new rules for operating to meet their goals.

The wide-spread usage of smartphones has been seen as a medium that allows consumers to remain connected with others and gain instant access to applications, such as games or photography.  Consumers want to be able to share personal moments with their friends and family online instantaneously and not wait for the standby time to upload a photo.  Applications, such as Instagram, have established themselves entirely with their mobile presence while creating a web site only to serve as a source to attain the application.  Investors and other social networks recognize the trend that mobile is replacing orthodox web browsing as the venue where consumers want to access information and applications.  Consumers want to have an intimate, quick, and self-contained relationship with their smartphone.

Limitless apps are now available to consumers with smartphones

Venture capitalists and companies are motivated to accept the mobile trend. According to recent research, investment for mobile apps and companies is growing. Firms are beginning to think mobile first and the web second. It is a matter of staying innovative and accepting the shift in the use of technology. As the future of mobile technology changes, tailored applications that allow consumers to complete a task from their smartphone and operate fast will replace web sites in which similar tasks cannot be completed as instantaneously.



Written by Ad Buzz

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