By Clara Lagattuta

This weekend when all of the mothers took a trip to our lovely school they brought baked goods, clean clothes, and most importantly their wallets. Since this last Friday there has been countless activities taking place all hours of the days. Everyone in Champaign wanted to get their hands on your mom and her wallet!

Everyone wanted to get in on the action. This weekend there were numerous brunches, fundraisers, crafts shows, and concerts all hosted by the school. They weren’t the only ones trying to impresses the mothers into spending money. All the different shops, restaurants and bars all tried to standout. I saw firsthand many different advertising techniques put into place. BJ Salon and Spa passed out flyers to all the dorms and sorority houses last Monday and dropped off coupons at the end of the week as an extra encouragement for people to bring their moms by. These flyers and coupons were a nice way to get the word out but weren’t exactly attention grabbers. Insomnia Cookies took a slightly different approach and emailed all of their pervious customers referring to mom’s weekend as a holiday and encouraging them to share the food they love with their moms. They both used simple written forms to attract the students and their mothers.

Most bars relied on social media techniques to bring the customers in and used cute gimmicks to keep the people there. Kam’s used Facebook and Twitter during the week to promote themselves. The tweets promoted the shirts and glasses they would be selling during the weekend. They then invited the bartenders to put their moms to work with them. Not only did the mom serve the whole night but also they made time to push special Moms’ Day glasses that were being sold for an additional charge. Who better to present and sell these cups then the moms themselves?

My personal favorite technique was the idea of a free gift for mom. I believe this technique was not used as often as it should have been. Some concerts offered this and restaurants had a little free giveaways for the moms but not many. Discounts or giveaways should have been offered at every store or restaurant to give them a completive edge. Although the word discount is a tempting phrase that many people cannot resist, the word free is even better! They may lose money purchasing the giveaways, but the small gifts would set their food apart from the same thing that was being served next door.

It is clear that many flyers, banners and posters advertising for local business this past weekend were dated and over used. There seemed to be overlapping gimmicks offered at every restaurant and bar, promoted by similar techniques. Rather than standing out, most local businesses appeared more similar than not. Next year I would advise the different local business to revamp their advertising techniques and maybe give some of the students in AAF a call.



Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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