By: Rebecca Pierce

Starbucks is launching yet another new product; this time it’s a single-serving coffee maker, the Verismo System. The product was set to be released this fall and is finally on the market.

Starbucks is putting a massive amount of money and effort into a campaign positioning the Verismo as “the perfect holiday gift.” BBDO, Blast Radius, and the in-house creative team at Starbucks have collaborated to produce a grandiose campaign that includes, “TV spots, print ads, social and digital efforts,” to make sure this single-serving coffee maker will be at the top of holiday shoppers’ minds.

Starbucks believes their Verismo System is a unique untouchable machine in the current market, because it is the only product that is able to brew coffee, espresso and specialty drinks that encompass espresso. By placing a Verismo “pod” filled with ground coffee or espresso into the machine and then also using a Verismo “milk pod,” with the push of a button, a latte can be brewed at home.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) is still currently dominating the single-serving coffee market with their Keurig System and their more upscale Vue System (which can produce specialty coffee drinks similar to the Verismo), but the Verismo System could very possibly steal away potential buyers of the Keurig and Vue. A fun fact for you: GMCR already has a deal with Starbucks where Starbucks’s coffee is one of the K-cups a Keurig owner can insert into their Keurig. So… you can brew Starbucks’s coffee with the Keurig… and now you can brew Starbucks’ coffee with a Keurig or a Verismo. That’s a pretty sweet deal for Starbucks.

The Verismo System has the potential to become “the perfect holiday gift” for many holiday shoppers. However, breathe a sigh of relief GMCR, because the Verismo System will not destroy the Keurig or Vue. The Verismo System only offers coffee and espresso options: specifically only Starbucks coffee and espresso. The Keurig System and Vue System offer a multitude of options that include: coffee, tea, hot cocoa, iced beverages, and specialty drinks. The K-cup offerings include a variety of successful brands that compete with Starbucks in the coffee market. Don’t put it past Starbucks to consider including more variety in their pod options later on down the road, but for now, GMCR trumps Starbucks with their variety of options.

If you’re a serious Starbucks coffee lover, the Verismo System can be purchased “at Starbucks stores, Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma and Macy’s,” as well as on the Starbucks website, for $199. Also, as part of their promotion, Starbucks is supposed to be doing in store demonstrations and tastings at a majority of their stores, so be on the lookout if you want to try before you buy!



Written by Ad Buzz

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