By: Madeline Rose

It’s difficult to refute the potential advertising capabilities of Facebook, being the end all be all of social media websites. If you’re a company, a public figure, or just someone with an internet connection, it’s a safe bet to make that you have a Facebook page. Companies want to tell you about their products, but on Facebook there are so many more tools available to them. They want you to interact with their posts to gauge who is looking and how often, and better yet how they feel about what you’re posting. A private firm, PageLever, has launched a new platform that will help a company determine how posts are being received by users and manage their social media marketing in real time.

The product, PageLever Now, was released November 1st as an expansion on experimental tools released late this past summer. Facebook Insights is the site’s own analytics tool that tracks Likes, sources of comments, and other related demographics, but it’s essentially a purge of information that’s hard to digest. PageLever Now is made by an outside company that cleans up the madness and serves as a more intuitive tool by interpreting the data for the page owner. By implementing the tool, professionals can monitor their pages by looking at post activity, being arranged from most to least, and being sure not to miss the unread comments that glow until they’ve been seen. The instant feedback allows administrators to track when a post has died and empowers them to directly make new posts. Scheduling options track posting history and allow page administrators to create a post that will be published later- and set a time. Perhaps the most effective feature is the aspect that scans Facebook for user-generated content. The tool steps beyond a company’s page and scans all of Facebook to pick up on who is mentioning the company’s brand in their comments. Combined, the metrics can help marketers pinpoint how users are interacting with their company, what they like, and how to be more successful in getting them involved. General data has already been collected to guide marketers through the tool, such as the fact that engagement in posts with photos is generally 300% greater than interaction with purely text-based posts.

Of course, the service comes at a cost. Starting at $99 per month for users with less than 100,000 likes, the price rises synchronously with the number of Fans/Likes. That hasn’t been a deterring factor so far as YouTube, Intel, Sephora, Clorox, and Porsche are just some of PageLever’s customers. While Facebook is the center of focus for the moment, cofounder Jeff Widman argues that it is planning on moving forward and toward other social media sites.



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