By: Ye Wang 

Have any of you guys ever felt like you maintain a love-hate relationship with YouTube? Well I feel that way often because watching a random video is arguably more interesting than writing that 10 page paper due tomorrow. And because of that, I inevitably end up on the weird side of YouTube once in a while. If you don’t know what that is, well, you haven’t spent enough time on YouTube yet. Out of the many, many creepy videos that I’ve watched, some of them are advertisements. And even though some people may argue that no publicity is bad publicity, I beg to differ here. When it comes to advertising, maybe bad publicity doesn’t work that well. However, even though I’m skeptical about the persuasiveness of these advertisements, but I have to say that some of them are wickedly funny or just…strangely creative.

1.  Little Baby’s Ice Cream

This is hands down one the of most bizarre ice cream ads I’ve ever seen in my life. Ever. In. My. Life. I’ll leave it at that. But I applaud the creativeness of the director, even though I might run away screaming if I ever see someone eating little baby’s ice cream. By the way, this is a good idea for a Halloween costume if you’re celebrating a belated Halloween.

2. Axe “wash your balls”

Some people have probably seen this advertisement before, and some even think it’s genius. I just find it disturbing that they got two attractive young women to wash their (dirty) balls. Now, I’m pretty sure that is pure coincidence. And it’s totally not degrading to women. But hey, it’s a guy’s body wash after all and some guys might just buy it.

3. PS3 Baby

This could be the trailer for a new horror movie. Seriously. They should name it Paranormal Baby 3.

4. The Laughing Doll

Okay. First it’s babies, now creepy laughing dolls. I think buying this doll will give me nightmares.

5.Thai tea

This one’s kind of funny, but I’m not sure girls will respond well to it. Pushing your tummy into your chest? That’s too much.

6.Condom ad

I have seen a few condom ads, but this one is really, really weird. I don’t even find it funny. Not to mention slightly disturbing. She scares me a little. Just a little.


Written by Ad Buzz

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