By: Christina Park


Game, halftime show, or the Super Bowl ads? What are we really doing here? Well, that time of the year has finally arrived. Thousands of American families have bought out the local super market’s supply of salsa chips, nacho dip, buffalo wings (with celery on the side), and other game day snacks. Many can agree upon the fact that the purpose of gathering to watch the Super Bowl game is not necessarily the game itself, but other factors. Like, Beyoncé putting a Super Bowl ring on it, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli making out with Jesse Heiman for Go Daddy’s spot, or model Matthew Terry stripping down to his underwear in Calvin Klein’s ad. Whatever the reason, most American families annually anticipate what exciting, tear-jerking, and knee-slapping commercials will be revealed during the breaks. There are many that will remain forgotten, but a handful did indeed stand out.


Firstly, who knew that people would ever talk about Go Daddy’s Super Bowl ads again? Go Daddy’s “Perfect Match” features Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli and American actor Jesse Heiman sharing spit for 30-seems-like-forever seconds. This ad is quite controversial, but Heiman seems quite satisfied. It took the pair 45 takes to nail the scene, and afterwards Heiman boasted that he felt like he won the “championship of men”. Netizens thought otherwise. “Disgusting, awkward, and disturbing”, among others, were the most popular words used to describe their take on this ad. This is quite possibly a Super Bowl low point for Bar Rafaeli and supermodels nation-wide.


Calvin Klein’s “Concept” then decided to become the female Go Daddy spot. A 30-second long commercial displays a 360-degree view of Matthew Terry modeling Calvin Klein’s latest men’s underwear, setting a new standard “in freedom and fit”. It is ironic that CK advertised such a thing called “Concept” without really having one.


It seemed like up until the half-time show, the ads were lacking emotional brand connection. None really made the viewers want to laugh or cry. However, after Beyoncé finally put a ring on it, the Super Bowl ads seem to have caught on and the lengthy, heartrending ad of Jeep’s “Whole Again” is revealed. “We wait. We Hope. We Pray. Until you’re home again.” – Oprah. The 2-minute long commercial narrated by Oprah Winfrey revolves around the theme of thanking the troops that fight and have fought for America and welcoming them back home. This spot proves that we are more than just a family when our troops are back in their loved one’s arms. We are a nation that is whole again. Finally, a meaningful, moving, and tear-jerking spot makes an impression to be remembered.


What is your favorite Super Bowl 2013 ad?


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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