By: Shayne Santi

Every student in the College of Media should draw their attention to an underrated class: Engineering 333. Don’t be scared by the “Engineering” word in the title. This class both welcomes and nurtures students from all spectrums of study. ENG 333 is actually called, Creativity, Innovation and Vision. Without subtlety, the latter title sounds more appealing to advertising-minded students like me. After only having been in the class for 3 weeks, I can genuinely say every College of Media student should consider taking this class at some point in their college career.  Most importantly, there isn’t any math involved. Not to bash math, but this is an obvious turnoff that keeps College of Media students out of other 300 level and above engineering courses. ENG 333 is a course that actually strays from conventional teaching and instead caters to right-minded thinkers. Students initially are presented a very simple but prompting creative challenge: find a problem in the world.  After each student briefly presents a problem to the class and instructors, students vote on the top 5 most intriguing issues explained by their classmates. Once the top 5 problems are determined, students choose which problem they wish to address and are assembled into a team that works on solutions for the remainder of the semester. Interestingly, the structure of the class makes students think like entrepreneurs. The opportunities to express creativity are endless in finding solutions to real world issues. The most successful teams in the class benefit from having students of all disciplines and majors to collectively tackle the issues. Undoubtedly, the structure of the class works so that creative advertising-minded students can add valuable knowledge to a class that actually pertains to real world problems. If you’re an advertising-oriented student and can find a way to fit it into your schedule in the future, you won’t be disappointed with ENG 333.


Written by Ad Buzz

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