By: Daniel Korenevsky

Soda for breakfast! It’s like a five year old’s dream come true! And, according to PepsiCo’s research, it’s mine too.

On Monday, February 25, Mountain Dew debuts its new drink: Kickstart. A little bit “juice” (5%) and a lotta bit soda, it will come in two flavors – Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch. Packing 92mg of caffeine in 16oz, Kickstart isn’t being marketed as an energy drink (true enough it’s nowhere near 5-Hour Energy’s 207mg or Rockstar’s 160mg). For reference, regular Mountain Dew has 72mg of caffeine and your average cup of Joe can have anywhere from 40mg – 100mg.

The accompanying ad campaign is targeting the male Millennial population, and will utilize TV, radio (a partnership with ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning), and OOH in key markets like NY, Chicago, and Orlando. The campaign is being handled by BBDO. Additionally, they have a 5 month sampling campaign planned, with over 2 million samples to be given out. The first step of the launch was on, where consumers were given the opportunity to receive a free can of Kickstart, though unfortunately, capacity to participate has been reached.

I was surprised to find out the combo of Mountain Dew + OJ is actually not new. Taco Bell, the masters of brand team ups (i.e. Doritos Locos Tacos) has been serving Mtn Dew AM as part of its breakfast menu for almost a year now. Whether Kickstart was a direct result of the success of Mtn Dew AM remains unclear.

A quick search on Google reveals a ton of articles on the new product launch, most of which are similar to the information I’ve provided above, and overall are optimistic about Kickstart’s success. One article, published by Shape magazine, criticizes the ingredients of the “juice” and the soda itself, and offers healthy alternatives. It’s true; this new soda for breakfast is no healthier than the soda your mom refused to let you drink before school as a child. Besides the low calories (and it’s true, only 80), Kickstart makes no health claims. Anyone with common sense will know that a can of broda (breakfast soda?) is not going to have the same results on your body as a fresh healthy breakfast. However, most of us will be consuming caffeine in the morning regardless… and Kickstart seems like a good alternative to coffee that won’t overdo it like an energy drink might.

We’ve finally got all the products we need to live life to the fullest: Kickstart in the morning, 5-Hour Energy to power through after lunch, a Monster before the gym, and a few Red Bull & Vodkas to keep going late into the night!

*Full Disclosure: The title for this article was borrowed from a comment I saw on one of the articles below.





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