By: Eric Reardon

Prior to Leo Burnett receiving the go-ahead to handle advertising for the Silverado, its advertising was done by newly-formed Detroit advertising agency Commonwealth, a joint venture of Omnicom Group and Interpublic Group of Cos. The main reason behind ceding the advertising for the Silverado to Leo Burnett, Morrisey said, was because the advertising for Chevrolet’s many different models was “an incredible amount of work for any advertising agency, especially a newly formed entity that is responsible for global campaigns in 140 markets.”Chicago-based advertising titan Leo Burnett can add yet another product it will be advertising to the long list it has acquired over time. Chevrolet’s cornerstone truck, the Silverado, will now have its advertising done by Leo Burnett.

The agency is excited to take on the task of advertising Chevy’s best-selling pickup and released this statement: “Although our relationship with GM dates all the way back to 1967, this day will certainly go down in the history of this very important partnership.” This decision comes just a week after GM unveiled the next-generation Silverado as well as the Sierra, which Leo Burnett also advertises.

With the unveiling of these new models, GM is looking to gain market share from popular competitors Ford and Dodge. The Silverado’s launch will be the company’s biggest since it declared bankruptcy in early 2009. Roughly $3 to $4 billion was estimated to have been invested in remaking the truck, which included making completely new engines and tuning factories up in order to assemble new parts and pieces used for the truck. Because this is such an expensive venture, it makes sense to turn advertising over to a globally established, elite agency like Leo Burnett. For example, one key innovation Chevy has introduced is a new biofuel Silverado with an engine that switches between burning gasoline and a much more environmentally friendly natural gas.





Written by Ad Buzz

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