By: James Fletcher


Apple’s new mobile software, iOS 7, is all millennials seem to be talking about. This new hip technology comes complete with a new design and loads of new features in apps. A brand new control center harbors a flashlight and a camera with new filters. With completely redesigned software, what new opportunities do advertisers have with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch?

Unfortunately for advertisers, Apple has incorporated more in-depth privacy controls that limit some options for advertisers. Previously, advertisers could easily target users through tracking locations on iPhones. For instance, if you go bowling a lot, you might start to see ads for bowling alleys in your area.

With iOS 7, users now have the ability to reduce ad tracking by changing the setting tab. Under “Advertising,” a switch reads, “Limit Ad Tracking.” This restricts any outside companies to gain information from the location services built into these Apple products.

Although Apple is pushing to privatize users’ information from advertising companies, advertisers still have plenty of options. Third-party apps have made small changes with iOS 7 but still offer a plethora of advertising opportunities. Pandora, Facebook, and YouTube are only a few huge apps where much ad content is available and is guaranteed to reach a huge audience.

The advances of technology in iOS 7 seem to resonate very well with users as well. Apple confirmed that this new software was downloaded onto 200 million iOS devices in less than one week. However, it was common for users to experience technical difficulties when downloading the update during the first week. Many users experienced error messages or long download times.

Blue Coat is company that assists businesses in monitoring Web traffic. The day after iOS 7 was released, they found that the rush to download a file this large so fast was “virtually unprecedented.”

Jeff Brainard, director of Blue Coat, said, “There was a ridiculous amount of popularity for this update. I think in the case of a big file update that’s had this kind of impact, no, I have not seen this in the four years I’ve been here.”

iOS 7 popularity continues to grow as Apple continues to fix small bugs in the software. Overall, advertisers should be aware that although privacy controls on ad tracking are becoming stricter, the traction of this updated product will continue to draw in many new Apple customers. In turn, iOS apps will become even more competitive as an effective space for advertisers.



Written by Ad Buzz

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