By: Sari Bernfield



Hollywood teens grow up in the red carpet world surrounded by glitz, glamour, and fame.  Except sometimes, they are too young for the fast-paced, mature world and this toxic environment can swallow them up.  They have too much money, and they have no idea what to do with it.  The right thing to do would be to give to it to charity or to use it to help them progress in their career.  Yet instead, many young celebrities end up spending it on drugs, alcohol, or other harmful things.

Young celebrities are becoming obsessed with being in the media, so they try to change their appearances and behaviors to become what they think the public wants to see in their People magazines.  Tabloids put a negative spin on most celebrities, which creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.  These famous, young teens see how they are being portrayed in the media, which in turn, causes them to change their behaviors to align with what they believe the public wants.

The media turns the cutest, most innocent children into wild, immature adults.  This is the case with Miley Cyrus.  She has taken her fame too far and is allowing the media to destroy her “Hannah Montana” persona.  At the 2013 Video Music Awards, Miley opened with a very distasteful number.  People spoke out against Miley, saying she is a role model for young children and is now corrupting their youth.  Her inappropriate dancing, “twerking,” and questionable song lyrics raises many questions about how fame can obliterate a star’s life.

The media has the chance to revive Miley’s reputation, but instead it has decided to exploit Miley’s rebellious behavior on the cover of every tabloid.  This will only lead to worse actions by Miley Cyrus.  Elton John said, “I look at Miley Cyrus, and I see a meltdown waiting to happen.” The public is outraged, and Miley needs to rein it in.  Her love life is falling apart, her family is in shatters, and her music videos are only becoming more inappropriate.

These are key questions I am asking: who is Miley trying to reach? How much longer is she going to be able to get away with acting like a deviant? Will the media continue to put her in the tabloids?

The more she is publicized, the more she will continue her behavior.  Miley Cyrus needs to stay out of the media, and she needs to take a break away from her fame. Young teens must know that Miley and other deviant Hollywood teen stars are how they should not act. We cannot idolize Miley and other Hollywood teens because they turn into people who they should have never become.



Written by Ad Buzz

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