By: Alli McIlvain


On October 10, 2013, a new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine was released that features a naked Miley Cyrus in a swimming pool. Many people have found this image to be extremely provocative because of her sexual pose (she’s licking her shoulder) and her display of tattoos and excessive makeup. However, this cover is just the latest Miley scandal in her transition from a Disney Channel star to a pop artist.

Miley has been portraying herself in a different light recently and the media loves it. A recent photo shoot of the 20-year-old reveals much more than is appropriate. Her twerking on stage at the VMA’s has been a huge topic on major news channels, such as The Huffington Post and New York Daily News. While Miley’s transition is definitely prevalent in media, is this simply media’s choice or is it planned?

All of this attention and coverage is coming at a very convenient time for Miley Cyrus. “We Can’t Stop” is the first single from her new album “Bangerz” that was released around four months ago. The album was officially released at the beginning of October and has made it to the coveted number one spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Much of Miley’s attention in the past year occurred in the past few months and created much excitement for the singer’s second album.

One might observe that the media is interested in almost everything Miley Cyrus does. From previous experience, especially her lead role in the television show Hannah Montana, Miley knows that media outlets will scramble to find out who the “new” Miley Cyrus is and what she will do next. It would not be that far of a jump to guess that Miley and her management would notice this attention and take advantage of it. This would not be the first time that a star has taken advantage of his or her popularity. The saying, “all publicity is good publicity,” exists for a reason.

While it is not confirmed that Miley is indeed using her scandals to promote her new album, it is safe to say that this attention has helped anyway. It would not even be fair to call Miley out for taking advantage of the media because of the poor ways that the media has intruded in her personal life for years. However, if Miley did intentionally take advantage of her popularity to promote “Bangerz” then she was successful.



Written by Ad Buzz

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