By: Tom Ritondale

Standing on the quad during passing periods, you will observe various types of students, all of whom are here for a different reason with a different goal for their future.  A member of your group project may end up being the biologist that finds the cure to cancer.  The TA of your business administration class might be a future CEO of an internationally renowned company.  It is funny to think about where our peers will be in ten to twenty years, and what type of impact they will have on mankind.  An even more interesting perspective comes when these peers are some of your closest friends.

Scott Rausch, now going by the stage name Scott Rusch, is a senior in psychology and music director of the all-male a cappella group the Xtension Chords here on campus.  He spent last spring break in Nashville, Tennessee recording a few songs he wrote in a friend’s studio.  Seven months later the song that began with a few simple chords on a guitar was professionally mastered and put on screen in its very own music video directed by Hunter Lyon (most well known for his work with the band Timeflies).  On Friday, November 1, the song and music video premiered on iTunes and YouTube respectively.  Filmed on campus, the video features many of Rusch’s fellow Xtension Chords as well as “love interest” Cara Fahy.

The main source of advertising for the song has been through social media, particularly on Facebook.  As a testament to social media, the video reached just over 2,400 views in a matter of hours on YouTube, and Rusch’s Facebook page received about 100 new likes.  With no professional advertising, this is a sheer sign of how impactful social media can be on a person’s career.  To see what all the buzz is about, visit Scott Rusch’s Facebook page and check the song out on iTunes and YouTube.  Congratulations to our very own Scott Rusch on all of his successes!


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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