By: Ali McIlvain


With an increasing need for consumer attention, advertisers have taken to popular social networking website “Twitter” as a means of pushing a brand’s message and products.


Information posted on and gathered from Twitter, the Huffington Post and eMarketer suggests the strength of the popular site, which boasts over 500 million active users.


In 2012, Twitter’s annual advertising revenue added up to over $200 million, and is projected to be much higher this year (2013), says


With attentive audiences and ad dollars to be spent, Twitter serves as an effective medium for reaching consumers. Now advertisers must learn how best to approach these audiences.


In an attempt to answer these questions, accounts such as @TwitterAdTips and @TwitterAds have begun to answer general advertising questions, while also providing personalized advice on how to best advertise on the site.


Another page is @MagicRecs. Launched in April of this year, the account describes itself as being a “Twitter experiment” that provides “personalized recommendations for users and content via direct message.” In some instances, the account will even contact its followers to tell them who people in their network are following. This can help users better connect with companies, brands and promotions that might interest them.


All three of the previously mentioned accounts are “verified” which Twitter support says is done to “establish authenticity.”


The purpose of these accounts it to help advertisers better reach consumers. The short-term goal is to help various Twitter users navigate the site in the most effective way possible, with advertisers’ and clients’ long-term goal being to place ads that help generate larger revenues.


It will be quite some time before advertisers know how exactly to reach consumers through mediums such as Twitter, but the site and many of its users are hoping to make this an easier process. These accounts are relatively new, and it will be interesting to see what role they might play in the future.


The impact of media like Twitter on society and advertising is a difficult one to measure. With technologies entering and exiting the conversation each and every day, advertisers must approach these mediums in a way that is both flexible and relevant.




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Written by Ad Buzz

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