By: Tom Ritondale


On August 3rd, pop superstar Lady Gaga revealed that she would be releasing her fourth studio album, ARTPOP, later in the year.  The album was affectionately described as the lovechild between art and pop music by the singer, and after a hip injury forced her to cancel the remainder of her tour for the preceding album, Born This Way, hype was up about the singer’s new music.  Beginning midsummer, Gaga began promoting the album through various vehicles including the release of four singles, a music video, various high-profile performances, and as of last week, a live stream of the full album on the new iTunes Radio.  Regardless of how you feel about Gaga, it is undeniable that her business tactics are finely polished.

After being out of the public eye for months, she jumped back into the scene when she released her hit single “Applause” days before it was scheduled to drop.  She then continued to promote the single with performances at the MTV Video Music Awards, iTunes Music Festival, and Good Morning America.  With the music video following just weeks after, Gaga began to shift to advertising the album as a whole.  She dressed as Greek mythological figures to lead up to the unveiling of her album cover, which was done on the jumbo screens of Times Square and featured a sculpture done by artist Jeff Koons.  Along with all of this marketing and advertising, Gaga’s most surprising move was allowing the entire album to be streamed on iTunes Radio two weeks before the actual release.  As of November 8th, she even announced she would be singing a song in space.  Yes, as in outer space.  Will she blast off in her new TechHaus flying dress, Volantis?  Yes, this is a real thing.

When the album was released on iTunes Radio, critics raved about the futuristic sound and blend of genres that make up the supposed album of the decade.  Aside from the music itself, Gaga’s unique and forward thinking advertising strategies are what made the release of ARTPOP so exciting for her fans.



Written by Ad Buzz

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