By: Sari Bernfield


Our society is becoming an all-in-one generation.  No one wants a layover when they are traveling and people don’t want to go to four different grocery stores; they just want somewhere or something that has it all in one spot.  Samsung has tapped into this consumer insight and created the Galaxy Gear.  It is an iconic product that can be worn around one’s wrist that receives phone calls, texts and emails.  It is linked with their personal Galaxy phone, so even when their phone is their pocket they can still be plugged into society.

As if the smart phone was not enough of an innovation, technology continues to become more efficient. People can now have a watch on their wrists at all times that acts as their cellphone, so they don’t have to worry about dropping their phone or buying a case.  It is extraordinarily convenient because it has everything one could possible need to stay informed with just a quick glance at their arm.

The most incredible part of the Galaxy Gear’s story is that its viral video created by the advertising agency 72 and Sunny was ranked number 1, according to AdAge. It was ranked above videos with superstars like Dodge’s hilarious Ron Burgundy video and Adidas’ Derrick Rose video.  This proves that a technology device is now more important to people than celebrities and athletes.  72 and Sunny and Samsung should be incredibly proud of advertising an incredible product in such an effective and visually stimulating way.

Technology will keep surprising us each and every year, but when a device this unique comes out all of people’s attention are going to be attracted to it automatically.  I am interested to see if the Galaxy Gear will be as popular as when the iPhone first came out.  I believe that within time people with the Galaxy phone will become obsessed with this product, and that every person with a Galaxy will own the “smartwatch” as well.  If people want everything in one place, there could be no better place than to have it all on one’s wrist.



Written by Ad Buzz

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