By Alli McIlvain

With the release of the much anticipated Anchorman 2 only a month away, Paramount Pictures’ advertising efforts seem to be cropping up everywhere.  Through a series of cross-promotions, companies are looking to capitalize on the anticipation of Will Ferrell and company’s latest. With an abundance of advertisements ranging from ice cream to cars, and even a few other oddities, these promotions are far from subtle.

In a series of cross-promotional ads highlighting both the movie and Chrysler’s Dodge Durango, Will Ferrell has represented both brands through his Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy. According to Daily Mail, the initial plan was for only three ads, but that quickly ballooned into an astonishing 70 commercials. Only nine of these have been released so far.

With only a month to go, 61 videos is a lot of material to work with. It’s not hard to imagine people feeling overwhelmed by so many similar promotions.

Another company using the Anchorman brand of comedy is Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream with their new flavor ‘Scotch, Scotch, Scotch’.

While these last two build on the character and the film’s style, a partnership with Jockey goes retro with its Anchorman themed boxers, and feels like a bit of a stretch. Another promotion is the Anchorman exhibit at the Washington D.C. news museum, and even AMC has partnered with the franchise.

While all of these advertisements might seem like a good idea, too much exposure could be overkill, and could annoy consumers well before its December 20th release date. With this in mind, Paramount might want to consider leaving consumers a little room to breathe.



Written by Ad Buzz

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