By Alli McIlvain

The company GoldieBlox is fighting to break gender stereotypes with its new engineering toy geared towards girls. The company was founded by Debbie Sterling, an engineer from Rhode Island, who is bothered by the fact that there are so few women in her field of work. Therefore, she created a toy designed to help expose young girls to engineering concepts through a board game.

A video for GoldieBlox was released on November 17, 2013 and reached over 8 million views in only one week. The video begins with three young girls obviously bored watching a typical commercial for beauty products. The girls then turn off the commercial, put on some music, and begin to play with GoldieBlox. A series of obstacles and contraptions lead the girls throughout the house while they sing. The song is a parody of the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls” about girl power. The video embodies the essence of girl power.

The instant success of the video is hopefully a good indicator of how popular the game will be. Pre-orders are already being made for when the game is released in February. It is not surprising that people are so enthused over this toy because of the lack of intellectual games geared directly to girls. GoldieBlox aims to “showcase the amazing inventive power that girls have.” This game could open a whole new market of games geared to girls and building, which could be beneficial for both young girls and the toy industry.

It is too early to tell how popular GoldieBlox will be, but if the millions of views and pre-orders accurately reflect to interests of toy buyers, then the game will be a huge hit. The potential of this game is immeasurable and the advertisement is only helping. GoldieBlox is changing the way that toys are marketed towards children and could have a huge impact.



Written by Ad Buzz

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