By: Lane Olander

J.C. Penney plans on taking over Twitter during the Oscars. J.C. Penney has already proven to be a social media force to be reckoned with during the Super Bowl. During the Super Bowl, J.C. Penney sent out misspelled, jumbled tweets that made it seem as though they were drunk tweets. About an hour after sending out the first jumbled tweet, J.C. Penney tweeted a picture of them texting with their J.C. Penney “Go USA” mittens on.


The Super Bowl tweets gave JCP 10,000 new followers along with 150,000 mentions. Moreover,  the sales of the mittens doubled the week after the Super Bowl.

Now J.C. Penney is trying to continue its social media success with the Oscars. The company will be handing out its own awards on Twitter during the award show. The J.C. Penney awards will be going to “supporting, supporting” actors, meaning they will be handing out awards to people who played small roles in the Oscar nominated films. When a film wins an award on the Oscars, J.C. Penney will tweet an award to a supporting, supporting actor in that same film. JCP is even going to have the winners record an acceptance speech on Vine and tweet it.


As during the Super Bowl they used social media to promote their partnership with the US Olympic committee, during the Oscars, this social media stunt will promote their sponsorship of the Oscars. Hopefully, J.C. Penney’s Oscars social media stunt will be just as effective as their previous efforts.




Written by Ad Buzz

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