By: Lane Olander


From March 7th to 16th, the film, music and media event known as South by Southwest will be returning to Austin, Texas. In 2013, 7,902 people attended the festival, but this year, engagement will be at an all-time high as SXSW moves into the realm of digital streaming.

On March 11th, rapper 50 Cent will team with smart phone application ‘Hang W/’ to bring his own brand of music to festival goers and home viewers alike. The free app allows celebrities to connect with their fans, and in addition to streaming his performance, the stream will also include backstage footage. By doing this, SXSW is able to better engage with viewers in Austin and at home.

‘Hang W/’ isn’t the only app providing digital viewing of the South by Southwest events. The application ‘Secret’ has a whole webpage dedicated to South by Southwest. ‘Secret’ allows users to anonymously share “secrets”. Now people can check out all the stories and pictures people at SXSW are sharing by visiting:

South by Southwest is also giving fans that can’t attend a chance to catch their favorite artists by creating their own radio channel. Anyone can listen to SXSW FM from his or her computer or mobile phone this way they will be able to listen to all the artists that are being featured at this year’s festival. SXSW will be able to reach more people than ever by offering a variety of different outlets to keep updated on the festival. Even if fans can’t be in Austin,  they can still experience this year’s SXSW.



Written by Ad Buzz

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