By: Lane Olander


Amazon is entering in a new market where it will now be competing against Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Amazon is offering a new video streamer that connects to your TV and allows customers to view content from not only Amazon but also Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and ESPN. The new product is called Amazon Fire TV and it costs ninety- nine dollars.

Amazon’s Fire TV does have some differentiating features. It doubles as a gaming system, and also it has a voice search feature where you can speak into the remote and it will search Amazon for the show or movie you want to view. However, it seems that Amazon Fire TV is not that different from its largest competitors Apple TV and Roku. Apple TV and Roku come in at exactly the same price of nine- nine dollars, again making it hard to differentiate between the three.

Purchasing the new Amazon Fire TV is the most logical for people who are already Amazon Prime members as the TV is set up to most easily view shows through Amazon and syncs with your Amazon account. The same goes for the competitors, Apple TV is the most logical choice for those who are heavy Apple and ITunes users, as with Apple TV you have access to your ITunes library. Amazon Fire TV entering the market is great for Amazon Prime users, but otherwise it seems to not have much differentiation from its competitors.



Written by Ad Buzz

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