By Lane Olander


Propel launched twelve years ago, and since then its image has swayed far from Pepsi Co.’s original intentions. Propel originally launched in the enhanced water category alongside Gatorade and competing against Vitamin Water, focusing on athletes. However, as the competition in this market increased Propel shifted their positioning. Propel entered the lifestyle market. However, the product didn’t get much attention, which drove Propel to reconsider again.

In 2011 Propel decided to become Propel Zero. The enhanced was always low calorie originally 10 calories in a serving. They advertised the new Propel Zero with a commercial that featured Cindy Crawford drinking Propel in her everyday active busy life. Propel tried to target active people going back to their roots. However, they were positioning Propel as something active people drink throughout out their day, but not really while working out. At this time they were targeting younger people, and also increased their marketing spend.

Now Propel is changing again. They will no longer be Propel Zero, while there will still be zero calories in Propel they are dropping the zero. Propel is also changing their packaging. Propel is now going back to how they were launched in 2002, they are going to be targeting people who are very dedicated to exercise. Also they are no longer trying to reach young people they are targeting a slightly older generation. There ads will know feature people in the gym exercising, putting the emphasis back on being a drink to have while working out. Propel has evolved many times throughout its short life, but is hoping to be successful by returning to what it was originally inspired to be.



Written by Ad Buzz

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