By Spencer Kennedy


Several months ago, I discussed an interesting media project that was under development. First Look Media, founded by Pierre Omidyar of Ebay and largely influenced by Glenn Greenwald (formerly with The Guardian), has officially launched and is producing content.

In addition to Greenwald, First Look Media continues to recruit renowned journalists for their incredibly motivated and passionate team. While the current focus revolves around Internet freedom and government accountability, the media outlet will cover everything else from sports to business once it gains more momentum.

As I expressed months ago, this is a thrilling development in digital media. It signifies an unprecedented effort to provide extensive investigative reporting on issues that have been covered sparsely and poorly in recent years, both in print and online.

Currently, only one segment of First Look Media is up and running. The Intercept is the title of a magazine managed by Glenn Greenwald and a team of similarly motivated journalists. This specific section of First Look Media will focus on government accountability and transparency. Appropriately, the ongoing NSA revelations and privacy issues are a primary topic at the moment. Again, as the operation expands, so too will its scope of reporting.

You need not be a conspiracy theorist or liberal proponent to benefit from this amazing endeavor. I urge you to at least periodically visit First Look Media as a source of credible and relevant information. For now, here is the link to The Intercept: The first article about NSA reports is important for both people who have been following the Snowden story closely, and especially for people who are skeptical, annoyed, and furious at Snowden.

Sources and related readings:
http:/ / files/imce-images/matt_first_462349300_640.jpg


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