AAF iHelp

By: Dana Hilgers

This past weekend, AAF’s Community Outreach committee and other AAF members participated in the University of Illinois’ inaugural homecoming week event, iHelp.

Hosted by the Student Alumni Ambassadors, iHelp allows students, alumni and community members an opportunity to give back to the university through different service projects.  According to the University’s official homecoming website, iHelp provides “the opportunity to work together in the name of Alma Mater.” Yearly, there are over 1,500 volunteers who participate in a variety of community service outlets through the event.

On Saturday, Oct. 18, the 50 or so participating AAF members met at the Main Quad to receive their service projects. Upon arriving, members were divided into several groups that collected trash as far north as Springfield Avenue and as far south as Pennsylvania Avenue.

In response to the support received from AAF members, Jaclyn Schwartz Vice President of Community Outreach said that she believes iHelp is a great way to help the local community, and provides opportunities for participants to meet new AAF members and other volunteers.

“I’m so glad that we had such a large turnout for the AAF team during iHelp.  I enjoy participating in iHelp because it’s a way to give back to the Champaign-Urbana community and to bring AAF together,” said Schwartz. “[I think] iHelp is a great event because it gets AAF and other RSO’s on campus to volunteer in fun projects.”





Written by Ad Buzz

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