ipad air 2

By: Daniel Stillman

Last Thursday, Apple announced the latest generation of tablets: the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. I yawn at this announcement, as only a few weeks ago the iPhone 6 was introduced to the world. I would bet that the planet did not line outside Apple stores overnight for the iPads like people did for the iPhones.

I remember when the iPad first came out, iPod Touches still existed, and there was nothing similar in size to the iPad. There were laptops, but nothing as portable. Tim Cook, Apple CEO said, “As you look around, the iPad is everywhere. We have sold more iPads in the first four years than any product in our history. We’ve sold 225 million iPads.”

I am not surprised of the product’s success the last few years, but are tablets becoming obsolete? Smartphones can do pretty much the same things and they fit in your pocket. What is the point of having a large iPhone? Well, I should not speak too soon because every iPhone has been getting bigger and bigger each October. Laptops are becoming more tablet-like as well. So where do iPads fit in this equation?

Moreover, I am not the only one who sees iPads are becoming useless. Research organization Gartner released a report on tablet sales.  The report said, “In 2013, global sales rose by 55%. This year, Gartner estimates sales will see growth, but only 11%, representing under a tenth of all electronics devices.”

Apple’s third quarter numbers also support this. The company posted a 7.6% decline in iPad revenue. However, Apple has been entering the education market, trying to license their tablets to schools all over the country.

Should you buy the new iPad? Your smartphone in your pocket can help you figure out if it’s worth it or not.


Written by Ad Buzz

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