By Jane Lee

#Selfies. This pervasive phenomenon began on a personal level, but has since been seen at events such as the Academy Awards, and has even been a part of major advertising campaigns.

From ongoing trends of posting selfies through social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the explanation of how selfies are trending is best described as a domino effect.

Taking selfies and the use of #SELFIE, has become a new revolution. The domino effect has hit its main target, users of social media sites, by making the idea of posting selfies online something trendy and cool.

Slowly, the selfie domino fell onto the music industry where a song was entirely dedicated to #SELFIE. #SELFIE by The Chainsmokers, hit the Billboard music chart for No. 1 on the dance chart in March of 2014. With over 200 million views on Youtube, “Hashtag selfie” is tracking onto a new generation.

As mentioned above, this has phenomenon has even impacted the advertising industry. Business Insider wrote about how the National Geographic hopped onto the selfie train with its new campaign featuring animals taking selfies. To quote Business Insider, “[t]he whole idea is to show people that even during “selfies” and “Instagram” fever, decent images can still be produced. Now that anybody has access to mobile phones with good cameras, we can all be photographers,” said Art Director Silvio Medeiros.

The selfie phenomenon continues to gain momentum and work its way into social networking, music and now, the advertising industry. Taking advantage of a camera at hand for the purpose of producing quality pictures that can speak to society may become more than just a #SELFIE.

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Written by Ad Buzz

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