By. Rachel Heinzinger

Ben Bradlee, a Washington Post journalist and renowned editor recently passed away due to natural causes at the age of 93.  His death was publicized by his lifelong employer, The Washington Post.

Leading The Post for 26 years, Bradlee envisioned a new route for the newspaper that included impressive and critical writing from each writer. He strived to create a newspaper that would transcend the stigma of the customary paper.

Bradlee is best remembered as the journalist who uncovered the Watergate scandal. His coverage rendered him unprecedented praise and admiration. Recently, President Obama gave a speech about Bradlee’s contributions to the field of journalism:

“Since joining The Washington Post 65 years ago, he transformed that newspaper into one of the finest in the world. With Ben in charge the Post unleashed a new era of investigative journalism holding America’s leaders accountable and reminding us our freedom as a nation rests on the freedom of the press.”

While Bradlee’s extensive journalistic coverage encompasses some of the most critically acclaimed articles, it was his involvement and uncovering of the Watergate scandal that rendered him the title of one of the best journalists of the late 20th century. Bradlee’s coverage lead to the development of more critical and informative ways to reveal information to the public.

New York Times writer Marilyn Berger recently wrote a tribute to Bradlee. In it, Berger discusses Bradlee’s contribution to the political sphere, along with some of the most pivotal moments in American history. In the article, she details his role in the development of the novel and film, “All The President’s Men,” which tells the story of the infamous Watergate scandal.

“The story became the basis of a best seller, “All the President’s Men,” by Mr. Woodward and Mr. Bernstein, and the book did become, in 1976, a Hollywood box-office hit. Jason Robards Jr. played Mr. Bradlee and won an Oscar for his performance,” Berger said.

Bradlee’s contributions to the field will forever provide direction to all aspiring journalists.


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