By: Jane Lee

Have social and mass media companies such as Facebook and AOL gone too far? In writer Garret Sloan’s “AOL Gives Advertisers an Alternative to Facebook’s People-Based Marketing” Sloan comments that “Cross-device technology is a strong focus in the online ad world as players develop their own solutions to ensure brands can accurately find users who constantly use multiple devices.” If users of such sites and apps have not noticed the increase in relatable ads appearing on their personal newsfeeds, maybe now is the time to take notice..

AOL has taken on the programming of cross-device technology, with their new ad platform system “One.” Sloane writes that linking multiple devices is an essential factor to measure the effectiveness of the tactics of advertising, which is due to consumers who can see the ads on their screen while making a purchase on the other.

“Facebook launched the Atlas ad server earlier this month to take advantage of its data on 1.3 billion users who are constantly flipping between desktop/laptop and mobile,” writes Sloane.

According to Susan Kalla’s article on Forbes, “Ad wars: Facebook’s Atlas Takes On Google”, Atlas is a new ad tech platform that works with Facebook’s multiple applications including the Facebook mobile app, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger across computers, tablets and mobile devices. Although Atlas may unify multiple platforms, the primary goal of it is targeting users with ads that are relevant to them. As stated further in the article, “In the third quarter earnings report, Facebook generated two-thirds of its $3 billion in advertising revenue from mobile.”

An article entitled “How Many People Use 700 of the Top Social Media, Apps, and Digital Services?” Craig Smith lists a variety of statistics based on how many users are on social media. As of July 23, there are 1.317 billion Facebook users and 200 million Facebook Messenger users. Instagram has 200 million users as of March 25 and WhatsApp has 600 million users, as of August 25.

With all the users of Facebook throughout the globe, they are the target audience of Facebook’s commercial market. Seeing ads on newsfeeds that are relatable to the users are fine, but knowing that Facebook generates two-thirds of their $3 billion in the advertising revenue is hard to believe.



Written by Ad Buzz

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