By: Rachel Heinzinger

Avocados from Mexico, an industry that has been around since 1997, launched its new ad campaign, titled “The First Draft Ever,” during the XLIX Super Bowl.

Created by GSD&M, the commercial features a prehistoric draft process involving each country in the world selecting a single item. Ex-NFL players Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie, along with a caveman, comment on the “First Draft Ever,” while God makes the announcements.

Click here to watch the commercial

GSD&M released two teaser versions of the ad on January 30th, 2015, in order to generate buzz and since then the videos has ammassed over 1.1 million views on YouTube. According to Adobe Social, the “brand [achieved] the second most social buzz out of the game, after Procter & Gamble’s Always (and its “Like a Girl” ad from Leo Burnett).”

“If Nationwide was the somber buzzkill of this year’s Super Bowl,” said Adweek’s Andrew McMains, “Avocados From Mexico was the life of the party, earning more than a billion media impressions along the way” (McMains, The Story Behind Avocados From Mexico).

According to chief creative officer Jay Russell, the original idea was to have God knocking a table of the world over, with avocados “accidentally” landing on Mexico. “God was in his study, and there was a table behind him. He kind of bumped into it,” said Russel, “How do you put that idea into a football context?”

Avocados From Mexico was willing to take the risk, and they succeeded.


Written by Ad Buzz

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